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Valentina Sierra

I am a Colombian designer driven by the belief that design should make a positive impact on society. I explore how we might use design to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and others as human beings in order to co-exist in more empathic ways.

Language Access Collages-06_edited
S02 La Guerra Así se Estrena B copy_edited
Valentina Sierra Bojaya 08
MXD Project-01_edited
Language Access Valentina Sierra
Valentina Sierra MXD Proejct.HEIC

MXD Project

A game to prompt conversations with people with different opinions about socially and politically polarizing topics.


Valentina Sierra Language Access.png

Language Access in North Central Florida

Collages and multilingual stories aimed to raise awareness about the linguistic diverstiy and the need for language justice

PYB Valentina sierra.jpg

Stories of Resilience and Change

Workshops to encourage young adults, with low incomes who dropped out of highschool, to refelct on and share their stories of resilience

COLLAGE Valentina Sierra.jpg

Among Mountains and Bears

A set of collages that tells the life story of a Colombian guerilla ex-combatant


Narrative Conversations

- Methodology

A design methodology to create shared understandings

Libro Conversaciones 00.jpg

Narrative Conversations

– Book

Editorial design of the book Narrative Conversations

IMG_9547 WIX.jpg

The Bojaya Massacre

Book with typographic explorations that tell the story of the Bojaya massacre, which occurred in 2002 in Colombia


Digital Writing and Rhetoric

Collage for the cover of the book Methods and Methodologies for Research in Digital Writing and Rhetoric. 

Captura de pantalla 2019-11-06 15.56_edited.png

Cartography of Housing Studies

A tool to explore possibilities for a new graduate program in housing studies


Cartography of Urbanism Studies

A tool to explore possibilities for a new graduate program in urbanism studies

DATAVrij Home 02.jpg


A game to have conversations about online privacy of personal data 


Redesign EDC

Redesign of an education program for adults in rural areas of Colombia



An app to connect walkers across generations


Saldos Frescos

A strategy to reduce food waste an increase itinerant vendors income in an agricultural market

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