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Redesign EDC

EDC - Escuelas Digitales Campesinas (Digital Rural Schools) is an education program of the NGO ACPO for farmers and indigenous peoples in rural and remote areas of Colombia. I worked as a design consultant to redesign the program to create a more personalized experience for different age groups, articulate the online platform with other media (printed booklets and radio) and help to create a teaching assistantship program.


Although EDC offers online courses, students in rural regions do not always have an Internet connection or even access to computers. Because of that, my main goal with this project was to strengthen alternative ways for students to complete the courses.


I coordinated user research, created Personas, Customer Journey Maps, a Service Blueprint, and developed an implementation manual to carry out our proposal.

Valentina Sierra 

Daniel Rincón




Apr. - Jun. 2017

The redesign of the EDC program included among other things:


Learning Paths: Sets of specific courses and activities for the five different profiles of students identified to match their abilities and educational interest.


Formative activities: Restructuring of the formative activities of the courses so students can carry them out through radio programs, booklets, and an offline mobile app. 


Low bandwidth platform: A lightweight website version of the content of the course that can be more easily loaded in places with scarce internet connectivity.


Teaching assistantships: A program of responsibilities and rewards for selected students to assist other students from their communities.

Customer Journey Maps

The Customer Journey Maps are based on the five profiles of students that we identified. The maps show the positive and negative experiences people had when taking the courses, both with the content and the online platform.


Service Blueprint


Blueprint with the specifications of the new EDC Program


Since the EDC schools are located in different and remote areas of Colombia of difficult access, we asked for regional tutors’ help to conduct most of the research with the students. I remotely guided to tutors to conduct interviews and use tools like Cultural Probes and Shadowing to collect information about the experience of their students with the EDC program.


After we identified design opportunities, we carried out a brainstorming session with the EDC Education Coordinator and some tutors. We used the outcome of the brainstorming session as a starting point to elaborate and specify the proposal for the new EDC program.

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